Spermatocytic tumour

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Spermatocytic tumour
Diagnosis in short

Spermatocytic tumour

Synonyms spermatocytic seminoma (old term)

LM three cell populations: (1) small cells (6-8 µm) - with a large NC ratio, (2) medium cells (15-18 µm) with prominent nucleoli and spireme chromatin, (3) Large cells (50-100 µm) with spireme chromatin; mucoid lakes, intratubular spread
LM DDx DLBCL, seminoma
Site testis

Signs mass lesion
Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign, good
Clin. DDx other germ cell tumours, lymphoma
Treatment excision to exclude malignancy

Spermatocytic tumour is a rare benign testicular tumour.

It was previously known as spermatocytic seminoma. It should not be confused with seminoma which is an unrelated tumour.


  • Rare tumour.
  • Only one case of metastases in 200 cases.[1]
  • Orchiectomy is curative.
  • Not reported/found in females.[1]
  • Typically older - mean age 50s.[1]




  • Population of three cells.
    1. Small cells (6-8 µm) - with a large NC ratio.
      • Look like secondary spermatocytes.
      • May be confused with (mature) lymphocytes.
    2. Medium cells (15-18 µm) with prominent nucleoli.
      • Filamentous chromatin (AKA spireme chromatin).[1]
    3. Large cells (50-100 µm).
      • Filamentous chromatin.
  • Mucoid lakes.
  • Intratubular spread.


  • Spireme = the tangle of filaments in prophase portion of mitosis.[4]
  • May have eosinophilic cytoplasm (dependent on lab).





  • PLAP -ve (0 positive/17).
  • CD117 -ve (7 positive/17).
  • CAM5.2 -ve (1 positive/17).

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