Small cell carcinoma of the prostate gland

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Small cell carcinoma of the prostate gland
Diagnosis in short

Small cell carcinoma of the prostate. H&E stain.

LM small cells with nuclear moulding, stippled chromatin and high NC ratio, +/-high-grade acinar adenocarcinoma (common)
LM DDx small cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder, metastatic small cell carcinoma, poorly differentiated prostate carcinoma
IHC chromogranin A +ve, PSA -ve/+ve
Grossing notes prostate biopsy, prostate chips, radical prostatectomy
Staging prostate cancer staging
Site prostate gland - see prostate cancer

Prevalence rare
Blood work PSA low (in relation to conventional cancer)
Prognosis poor
Clin. DDx other types of prostate cancer, metastatic cancer
Treatment chemotherapy

Small cell carcinoma of the prostate gland is a rare type of prostate cancer with an aggressive course.

The more general topic of prostate cancer with neuroendocrine differentiation is dealt with in a separate article.



  • PSA often low in comparison to conventional prostate cancer.[1]



  • Small cells with:
    • Nuclear moulding.
    • Stippled chromatin.
    • High NC ratio.
  • +/-High-grade acinar adenocarcinoma, i.e. conventional prostate carcinoma, seen in ~50% of cases.[1]








  • PSA weak +ve/-ve.
  • Chromogranin +ve.

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