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This page describes the format of the Virchows Liste, i.e. this web site.

Name of entity

  • Ideally should be WHO name.
  • Names should reflect the pathogenesis as is understood currently.
  • The use of common misnomers is discouraged.
    • Some terms are tolerated... if they are very common, e.g. pyogenic granuloma (better term would be lobular capillary hemangioma).
  • Other names are listed under the heading with also known as (AKA).

Standard headings

  • General - this includes, clinical information, prognosis and treatment.
  • Microscopic.
  • IHC.
  • Molecular (optional).

Microscopic (heading)

  • The key feature(s) should be marked.
    • Definition: A key feature is a distinctive common feature that strongly favours the given diagnosis and whose absense would strongly disfavour the diagnosis or exclude it.
      • Examples:
        1. Eosinophils in eosinophilic esophagitis.
        2. Nuclear atypia at the free surface in tubular adenoma.

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