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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Libre Pathology:Contributing]].
*[[Libre Pathology:Copyrights]].
*[[Libre Pathology:Copyrights]].
*[[Libre Pathology:Editing]].
*[[Libre Pathology:Editing]].

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The page is about how to contact us. If you have a general question, the answer may be in the Libre Pathology article.

What to know more?

Information about the site can be requested at: info@librepathology.org

Suggestions or corrections

If you have suggestions or corrections send them to: fixit@librepathology.org


If you are interested in editing send a brief self introduction to: gettinginvolved@librepathology.org

Media inquiries

Media inquires should be sent to: info@librepathology.org

Copyright questions

Issues related to copyright should be sent to: copyright@librepathology.org

Contact the site administrator

The site administrator can be reached at: admin@librepathology.org

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