Gastric xanthoma

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Gastric xanthoma
Diagnosis in short

Gastric xanthoma. H&E stain.

LM gastric lamina propria with lipid-laden macrophages
LM DDx signet ring cell carcinoma, Whipple disease, MAI infection
IHC CD68 +ve, AE1/AE3 -ve
Gross yellowish nodule or plaque - usu. lesser curvature
Site stomach

Prevalence uncommon
Prognosis benign

Gastric xanthoma, abbreviated GX, is an uncommon benign lesion of the stomach.

It is also known as xanthelasma and stomach lipidosis.


  • Uncommon.
  • Benign.


  • Yellowish nodule or plaque.[1]
    • Classically lesser curvature and antrum.[2]



  • Collections of lipid-laden macrophages within the gastric lamina propria.





  • CD68 +ve.
  • Panker (AE1/AE3) -ve.
    • To exclude carcinoma.

Sign out

Stomach, Cardia Lesion, Biopsy:
     - Polypoid gastric xanthoma.
     - NEGATIVE for Helicobacter-like organisms.
     - NEGATIVE for intestinal metaplasia.
     - NEGATIVE for dysplasia and NEGATIVE for malignancy.

The histiocytes in were demonstrated with a CD68 immunostain. 
An AE1/AE3 immunostain and a Ki-67 immunostain have a benign pattern. 

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