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Eastern Health Virtual Slide Collection, abbreviated EHVSC, is a collection of virtual slides.

It resides on Eastern Health (EH) servers and can only be accessed by individuals at an EH IP address.

Accessing a virtual slide is as easy as clicking on the link. One is then prompted for a login; thereafter, clicking on an EHVSC link will take you right to the snapshot.

Libre Pathology and EHVSC

Libre Pathology wants to host virtual slides at some point in the future; however, this requires significant server space and bandwidth. Thus, it is seen as a lower priority. If you have a pile of bandwidth and server space you want to make available, let me know.

Use of the EHVSC templates

EHVSC template

The use of the EHVSC template is as follows:

{{EHVSC|9982|adenocarcinoma with signet ring cells}}


Eastern Health Virtual Slide Collection (EHVSC) 9982
Eastern Health Virtual Slide Collection (EHVSC) adenocarcinoma with signet ring cells -9982

EHVSC2 template

The EHVSC2 template is a stripped down version of the EHVSC template that (1) does not display Eastern Health Virtual Slide Collection (EHVSC) in front of the reference number, and (2) does not have the option to add a description of the virtual slide.

The use of the EHVSC template2 is as follows:




EHVSC3 template

The EHVSC3 template is a beefed-up version of the EHVSC2 template that allows one to add a description. The description is placed in round brackets behind the slide ID number. This is the template recommend for use with the template infobox external links.

The use of the EHVSC template3 is as follows:

{{EHVSC3|10192|Ki-67 IHC}}


10192 (Ki-67 IHC)

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